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  Artwork: Our hope for years to come
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: "Our Hope For Years to Come" -- The 73rd annual Concordia College Christmas Concert. From God's benevolent right hand, order springs from chaos; light emerges from darkness; bejeweled heavens sparkle with stars and planets, while tossing oceans and verdant earth burst with the breath of life. Beneath a waxing and waning moon, six trees of a small wood (representing the six days of Creation and swaying with the winds of the Holy Spirit) display the seasons of life from bare branch to ripened fruit. Then, as seed falls into fertile soil, the cycle of regeneration begins again. Atop the sacred roots of Isaiah's radiant prophecy, a lowly manger bed marks the birthplace of Jesus. From it emerge three figures representing Christ's life of humble service, his sacrificial death on Calvary's cross and, finally, his triumphant resurrection with its enduring promise of hope and eternal life. There, above all, appears a glorious vision of God's holy city, Revelation's new Jerusalem. Nearing the advent of a new age, we reflect upon the firm faith of all the saints, spreading outward as the light and warmth of the rising sun. May we also look forward with confidence to the grace and salvation of our victorious Christ -- and may that remain ... Our Hope for Years to Come."
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  Subject: The New Jerusalem
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