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  Artwork: Prince of peace, hope of the world
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: "Prince of Peace, Hope of the World is the year 2002 Mural. Flanked by petitions of peace, the concert art depicts images of both global chaos and assuring promise. From the Creator's descending hand, the spiral of life cascades forward in the form of rushing waves, cleansing the land in preparation for all that is to come. Occluded sun and moon suggest the darkness of history with petroglyphic images depicting human violence and suffering. Rising from the roaring water, tongues of fire consume the shields of war, and arms previously raised in conflict are now uplifted in praise. A nearby lion nestles with a tiny lamb and a hopeful rose springs from fertile ground. Above it all, a heralding angel trumpets the holy birth, while the magi approach Bethlehem's sleeping walls. A lowly stable shelters the nativity manger atop the troubled world, where piercing wounds yield both earthly tears and the precious blood of human suffering embraced by the chalice of Christ's own passion. At the centre, against a backdrop of buildings from many cultures, is our risen Savior, who is the imminent and transcendent reflection of God's glory. Gazing simultaneously upward toward the radiant dome of Revelation's heavenly city and downward upon our earth, the two affirming faces of Jesus represent the marvelous miracle of Christmas. Streaming forth from the wound in his hand, a colorful rainbow showers it symbolic promise over the entire world. God the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, soars with an olive branch as a further sign of enduring peace and reconciliation to all people of faith."
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  Subject: The New Jerusalem
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