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  Artwork: Great commission, The
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Stained glass
  Location: First Lutheran Church
  Notes: Comment: "Inspired by Jesus' commission (recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark) to carry Christ's message into the world, the window's story begins in the bottom three sections, depicting God the Creator, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In Christian tradition, the six-pointed star many of us call the Star of David is also known as the Creator's star, with each of its six points representing one day of Creation. At the star's centre, three leaves of the Trinity sprout around a cross, symbolizing life and growth. God the Son is represented by the earth, with its lines of latitude and longitude radiating from the central cross -- Christ's incarnate life, God's life on earth. God the Holy Spirit comes down to us as a flame-like dove, aglow within each of us. Above the Trinity symbols, the resurrected Christ holds a scroll commanding: Go ye into all the world. In Christ's left hand is a traditional resurrection banner. Above him shines the Star of Bethlehem and the earth's green orb, branches reaching outward, filled with multicolored leaves and fruit. At the very top of the window are three panels depicting the new Jerusalem as described in the book of Revelation."
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  Subject: Other Portraits of Christ
The New Jerusalem
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