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  Artwork: Psalm 134
  Artist: BERGER, Moshé Tzvi
  Date: Series painted before and around 2000
  Technique: Pen, brown ink, brown wash, blue wash, pierre noire
  Location: Museum of Psalms, Jerusalem
  Notes: From a series illustrating all the 150 psalms. Psalms 134:1. Artist's comment: "Aleph is the beginning. It is numerically equivalent to "one" ("Echad" in Hebrew) which is also numerically equivalent to thirteen. It is His one, all-encompassing unity and love. Indeed, Echad (13) is also numerically equivalent to love (Ahava). In Hebrew, "Adam" (man) and "Emet" (truth) both begin with Aleph. If you remove the Aleph from these two words, you are left with "Dam" (blood) and "Met" (death). Aleph is the imprint of the absolute, the crown of Israel's identity. The mystery of One, the mystery of the beginning, mystery of mysteries or the beginning of the beginning. This Chupa (canopy) is a blessing intended for every human being who has the need for unity and love in his heart."
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  Subject: 134: Praise the Lord, All You Servants

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