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  Artwork: Psalm 41
  Artist: BERGER, Moshé Tzvi
  Date: Series painted before and around 2000
  Technique: Pen, brown ink, brown wash, blue wash, pierre noire
  Location: Museum of Psalms, Jerusalem
  Notes: From a series illustrating all the 150 psalms. Psalms 41:13f. Artist's comment: "This Psalm is a prayer to Him and before Him. The earth belongs to the Creator and Israel is His Chosen People who have the obligation to serve the Almighty with all their soul, with all their heart and with all their might and to observe His laws and His commandments. This is all that counts and, many of us, in the past as in the present, do not respect it. The last words of this first book of Psalms are the benediction of Israel to the Almighty: "Blessed be the Almighty, the God of Israel from this world to the World to Come, Amen and Amen.""
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  Subject: 41: You Set Me in Your Presence

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