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  Artwork: Psalm 7
  Artist: BERGER, Moshé Tzvi
  Date: Series painted before and around 2000
  Technique: Pen, brown ink, brown wash, blue wash, pierre noire
  Location: Museum of Psalms, Jerusalem
  Notes: From a series illustrating all the 150 psalms. Psalms 7:1. Artist's comment: "This is the king's song that he performed for the Almighty in a state of meditation. In the middle of the painting, a bright white space symbolizes contraction for where The Lord is revealed, nothing else can exist. This is called "Tzimtzum." Out of this nothingness, curved lines are spreading for the Scriptures say that the world was created with straight and curved lines. (Einstein knew this, the theory of the spheres.) On these curves, letters appear as notes as on sheet music. For this is a song, an enlightening composition."
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  Subject: 7: Deliver Me!

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