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  Artwork: Psalm 20
  Artist: BERGER, Moshé Tzvi
  Date: Series painted before and around 2000
  Technique: Pen, brown ink, brown wash, blue wash, pierre noire
  Location: Museum of Psalms, Jerusalem
  Notes: From a series illustrating all the 150 psalms. Psalms 20:3. Artist's comment: "At the top, the letter Yod is cut, in two, leaving the upper part invisible hinting at infinity. Out of the Yud, other letters are tumbling downwards. At the bottom, letters representing people are marching towards the city. When the Third Temple is built, the upper and the lower letters will come close to each other, a metaphor for bridging spirituality and materiality. Our relationship to materiality, today, is degraded and must be elevated to a higher standard."
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  Subject: 20: Prayer for the King

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