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  Artwork: Psalm 103
  Artist: BERGER, Moshé Tzvi
  Date: Series painted before and around 2000
  Technique: Pen, brown ink, brown wash, blue wash, pierre noire
  Location: Museum of Psalms, Jerusalem
  Notes: From a series illustrating all the 150 psalms. Psalms 103:22. Artist's comment: "A question arises: How to paint a soul? Let us try. In the centre of the painting is a white letter "Yod" symbolizing the Almighty who blew His essence into man's nostrils. There is also a letter "Chet" which, together with the Yod, spells "life." For the Zohar says, "The Almighty keeps souls in bodies." In this painting, the letter Chet is a Kabbalistic one made of a Vav (6) and a Zayin (7) of which the Gematria equals 13. Thirteen resolves into "Echad" (one) and "Ahava" (love) that also equals 13. Both are necessary in order to have a pure soul. Then the soul has to be aflame. But if the soul is nothing but fire, it may be dangerous. Thus it is surrounded with white representing loving kindness and with blue, representing mercy."
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  Subject: 103: Praise the Lord, O My Soul!

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