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  Artwork: Passion painting
  Artist: UNKNOWN; Polish Master
  Date: C. 1480-90
  Technique: Tempera on panel
  Location: Church of St. James, Torun
  Notes: Exact interpretation of the scenes is uncertain
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  Subject: The Ascension
The Procession
The Descent into Hades
The Last Supper
Praying in Agony
Jesus Is Arrested
Tried by the Council
The Clothes
The Piercing in the Side
The Entombment
Earthquake and Resurrection
Appearing to Mary Magdalene
Appearing to Peter
Interrogation and Accusations
The Scourging
The Mocking
Ecce Homo
Barabbas, Persuasion, and Sentence
The Ear of Malchus
With Other People from the Biblical Account
Veronica with the Towel in a Passion Scene

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