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  Artwork: In celebration of marriage
  Artist: MANDEL, Myra
  Technique: Painting and ink drawing
  Notes: Jeremiah 2:1. Artist's comment: "In the painting “In Celebration of Marriage” , I have tried to express the harmony which exists between husband and wife and the many bonds between them. The two flowers represent the two partners in a marriage, each growing independently, yet attuned to each other. By each respecting the holy spark in their partner, they invite the presence of God to dwell between them. ... The different areas of the background represent the stages in the shared life of a couple. The first stage, at the base, is the “unsown desert” of the early years as expressed in the verse comparing Israel to God’s bride [Jeremiah 2:1]. The busy years of child-rearing are like the swiftly flowing river. During this period, many moments occur which make us wish we could save the memory forever – a baby’s first step, a child’s words, a family celebration – but all too soon are lost in the flow of life rushing ever onwards, irretrievable. This river of shared experiences will, in time, provides the source of nourishment and connection for the third phase of togetherness, symbolized by the mature pine trees presiding over gently rolling hillsides in the calm glow of the afternoon light. The two ink drawings at the base of the flowers represent the heritage of previous generations and the promise of the next one. The grove of mature olive trees symbolizes the grandparents and ancestors. The accumulated wisdom and experience of their years is waiting in the background, accessible to both members of the union to call upon when needed. The intimate view of the flower’s centre, with seeds not yet matured, are the children, each individually separate, no two exactly alike, each connected by a thread to the source of nourishment."
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  Subject: Unfaithful Israel

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