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  Artwork: From darkness into light
  Artist: MANDEL, Myra
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: Psalms 139:10-12. Artist's comment: "Barely discernable at the bottom right ia a simple flower bulb, growing by night, hidden under the earth. Similar in shape and color to a common onion, yet it contains within its cells an invisible blueprint for a flower of amazing geometrical symetry and exotic color. A small bud soon appears above the ground, tightly closed yet containing within it a perfectly formed flower, unseen as yet by man. It opens in daylight, revealing a perfect amarylis hidden inside. In the same manner each person is formed by God in the womb, an amazing complexity of physical systems and organs, housing a divine soul, takes shape in darkness, and emerges into the light fully formed. Behind the amarylis emerge the words of Psalm 139, where King David marvels how that which is hidden to man by darkness is revealed as light to the eyes of God. "Where can I hide from your spirit? And how can I escape from your presence? If I ascend to the heavens, You are there, if in the grave I make my bed, You are present. I shall ride away on the wings of dawn, I will dwell in the deepest sea, even there your hand will guide me and your right arm will hold me. Said I: Then darkness will cover me and the night shall be my light, but even darkness hides nothing from You, and night shines as day, as light so is the darkness." King David explains how even when man, through his own choices, dwells in a place of darkness, devoid of spiritually, even then God reaches out his hand to bring each person closer to Him. The psalm describes three types of people who try to hide from God: [1] The person who is in a state of hopelessness , symbolized by the grave, from which there is seemingly no hope of return. Yet in that pit of deepest despair, he finds that God is present, He is a source of hope and encouragment which enables man to rise above his despair. [2] The second is the person who has willfully sinned again and again, he has “made his bed” in places where God’s commandments are mocked, he has fallen so low that it seems his soul is beyond redemption. Even then, as we say in the prayers of Yom Kippur, God does not desire the death of the sinner, he desires that the sinner shoould return to Him and merit life. [3] The third is the man or woman who may be a good, kind and helping person, yet denies the existence of God, and flees as far as he can from any evidence that may cause him to question his accepted world view and acknowledge God ‘s presence in the world. Even though this person has intentionally blinded himself, God’s unseen hand will reach out to him from beyond his spiritual darkness, and guide him, step by step, toward knowledge. The psalm ends on a note of hope, describing how night will shine as day when we realize the futility of trying to hide from the One who has created us or run away from His presence."
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  Subject: 139: Where Can I Go from Your Spirit?

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