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UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jerome Nadal's 'Evangelicae Historiae Imagines', 1593: Artworks on the subject
The Teacher and His Message

Anger should be restrained (Published 1593)
Christ teaches on having faith in God (Published 1593)
Christ teaches, "Be merciful" (Published 1593)
Good shepherd, the sheepgate, gatekeeper, sheep, The (Published 1593)
How the Holy Spirit will convict the world, etc. (Published 1593)
Hundredth sheep and the lost tenth coin, The (Published 1593)
Just before the ascension of Christ (Published 1593)
Landowner plants a vineyard, and hires caretakers, A (Published 1593)
Man with dropsy is healed, A (Published 1593)
On the love for enemies (Published 1593)
Pharisee and the publican, The (Published 1593)
Prodigal youth, The (Published 1593)
Rich man and Lazarus, The (Published 1593)
Singular inhumanity and ingratitude of the king's servant, The (Published 1593)
Son is killed outside the vineyard, The (Published 1593)
Teaching about the perfect prayer (Published 1593)
Traveller is attacked by thieves, A (Published 1593)
Villain is accused, The (Published 1593)
Warning against false prophets (Published 1593)
What Christ said, "A little while and you will not see me" (Published 1593)