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Man of God killed by a lion, The

Mary and Elizabeth

Mary and Martha

Meeting of Jacob and Joseph

Melchizedek and Abram

Messengers report to Job, The

Micaiah prophesies in opposition to the prophets of Ahab

Mordecai is honoured by the king

Moses and the brazen serpent

Moses and the burning bush

Moses kills an Egyptian for striking a Hebrew slave

Moses strikes the rock

Murder of Abel, The

Naaman is restored to life in the Jordan river

Nathan rebukes David for his adultery

New Jerusalem, The

Nicodemus and Jesus

Obadiah hides the Lord's prophets

Oded confronts Israel

One like a son of man appears before John

Parable of the labourers in the vineyard, The

Parable of the lost sheep, The

Parable of the talents, The

Parable of the tenants, The


Paul heals a lame man

Paul shares the gospel in the synagogue

Paul's speech in Athens

People come to be healed

People of Israel cross into Canaan, The

Peter denies Jesus

Peter heals the crippled man

Peter raises Tabitha from the dead

Peter walks on the water

Pharaoh listens to Joseph interpreting his dream

Pharaoh's daughter discovers the infant Moses

Pharisees confront Jesus over allowing his disciples to pick grain on the Sabbath

Phillip baptizes the Ethiopian eunuch

Pilate asks the crowd if they want Jesus or Barabbas released

Plague of boils, The

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