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David receives the consecrated bread and the sword of Goliath

David refuses to drink

David slays Goliath

David spares Saul's life

Defeating the Amalekites

Descent of the Holy Spirit, The

Donkey turns its head and begins to speak, The

Elders around the throne, The

Eli falls dead

Elijah calls down fire from Heaven

Elijah helps the widow and her son at Zarephath

Elijah is fed by ravens in the Kerith Ravine

Elijah prays for the widow's son to live

Elijah’s cloak, and the chariot of fire

Elisha cures the stew

Elisha gives the boy back to his mother

Elisha sprinkles salt into a spring

Elisha's tomb disturbed

Ephraimite finds his concubine dead, The

Esau selling his birthright to Jacob

Faith of the centurion, The

Fall of man, The

Feeding of the five thousand, The

Festus presents Paul before King Agrippa

Fiery serpents

Fig tree, The

Flood ends, The

Flood, The

Garments for the priests

Gibeonite representatives appear before Joshua

Gideon discovers that his fleece is soaked with dew

God answers Hagar's prayer

God delivers Hezekiah and Jerusalem by sending an angel

God speaks at Sinai

Good Samaritan, The

Good shepherd, The

Guest without a wedding robe is thrown out, The

Handwriting on the wall at the feast of King Belshazzar

Hannah delivers Samuel to the priest Eli

Head of Ish-Bosheth is brought to David, The

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