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Aaron leads Israel to worship the golden calf

Abigail brings David and his soldiers gifts of food

Abimelech returns Sarah to Abraham

Abraham expels Hagar and her son Ishmael

Abraham sacrifices Isaac

Abraham serves food to three visitors

Absalom is killed

Achan's sin

Adam and Eve driven out of the garden of Eden

Adoration of the Magi, The

Ahab is killed in battle at Ramoth Gilead

Ahijah prophesies that Jeroboam will become king over ten of the twelve tribes

Amalekite reports the deaths of Saul and Jonathan to David, An

Ananias dies

Angel casts beast Satan into the pit, An

Angel comes to Elijah under a tree, An

Angel disappears from Manoah and his wife, The

Angel of the Lord appears to Zechariah, The

Angel releases Peter from prison, An

Angel speaks to Mary, The

Angel touches the meat with the tip of the staff

Angle of the Lord appears to shepherds, An

Ark is brought to Jerusalem, The

Ascension, The

Beatitudes, The

Bezek's toes and thumbs cut off

Blind leading the blind

Blind man begs Jesus for healing, A

Boys are killed by the bears, The

Bricks without straw

Cannaanite woman asks Jesus to heal her daughter, The

Christ among the doctors

Christ appearing as a gardener to Mary Magdalene

Commander of the Lord's host and Joshua, The

Contest with the magicians, The

Cornelius is confronted by the angel

Covenant of the rainbow, The


Daniel in the lion's den

David commissions Solomon to build the temple

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