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LUIKEN, Caspar (Dutch, 1672-1708)

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Fall of man, The

Adam and Eve driven out of the garden of Eden

Murder of Abel, The

Flood ends, The

Flood, The

Covenant of the rainbow, The

Tower of Babel, The

Lot selects his territory

Melchizedek and Abram

Abraham serves food to three visitors

Lot flees Sodom

Abimelech returns Sarah to Abraham

Abraham expels Hagar and her son Ishmael

God answers Hagar's prayer

Abraham sacrifices Isaac

Rebekah meets the servant at the well

Esau selling his birthright to Jacob

Jacob deceives Isaac

Jacob's ladder

Jacob and Rachel

Jacob wrestles with the angel of God

Jacob and Esau meet

Joseph rescued from the well only to be sold

Jacob mourns the death of Joseph

Potiphar's wife seduces Joseph

Joseph interprets the dreams of two fellow inmates

Pharaoh listens to Joseph interpreting his dream

Joseph makes himself known to his brothers

Jacob learns that Joseph lives

Joseph and Jacob reunited

Meeting of Jacob and Joseph

Jacob blesses his children

Pharaoh's daughter discovers the infant Moses

Moses kills an Egyptian for striking a Hebrew slave

Moses and the burning bush

Bricks without straw

Contest with the magicians, The

Water turns into blood, The

Plague on the livestock, The

Plague of boils, The

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