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Angel with the book, The

Angels appearing to the shepherds

Assuaging of the waters, The

Belshazzar's feast

Belshazzar's feast

Belshazzar's feast

Belshazzar's feast

Burning bush, The

By the waters of Babylon

Celestial city and river of bliss, The

Christ Tempted in the Wilderness *

Covenant, The

Deluge, The

Destruction of Pharaoh's host, The

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, The

Destruction of the Pharoah's host, The

Eve of the Deluge, The

Fall of Babylon

Fall of Babylon, The

Fall of Nineveh

Fall of Nineveh

Garden of Eden, The

Garden of Eden, The

Great day of his wrath, The

Jericho falls

Joshua's long day

Last judgment, The

Last judgment, The

Moses breaketh the tables

Opening of the sixth seal, The

Plague of hail

Plains of Heaven, The

Seventh plague of Egypt, the

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