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First trumpet, The: Hail and fire fall from Heaven

First vessel, The: Ulcerous wounds

Fourth trumpet, The: The darkening of a third of the celestial bodies

Fourth vessel, The: The sun's heat burning humanity

Gamaliel's counsel

Great harlot of Babylon, The

Great harlot on the beast, The

Harp-playing victors on the sea of glass, The

Harvest of grapes, The

Harvest of the earth, The

Heavenly praise of the victor over the harlot

Horseman on the white horse, The

Horsemen on fire-breathing horses, The

Joel and Bartholomew

John commanded to write, and the blessed dead

John, Domitian, and the boiling oil

King David *

Lamb on Mount Sion, The

Lamb taking the sealed book and an angel and the elders singing praises, The

Malachi and Simon

Marriage at Cana, The

Marriage of the Lamb, The

Mary Magdalene

Massacre of the two witnesses by the beast, The

Micah and Matthew

Mighty angel, and John forbidden to write, The

New song, The

Noah's ark

Noah's ark

Opening of the fifth seal, The: The souls of the dead receiving white robes

Opening of the first seal, The: The first horseman

Opening of the fourth seal, The: The fourth horseman

Opening of the second seal, The: The second horseman

Opening of the seventh seal, The: The distribution of trumpets

Opening of the sixth seal, The: The great earthquake

Opening of the third seal, The: The third horseman

People of God leaving Babylon, and merchants lamenting Babylon, The



Red horse, The

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