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Adoration of the Dragon, The

Adoration of the Lord and of the Lamb by the chosen, The

Angel casting a millstone into the sea, An

Angel pouring out from the seventh Vessel, The

Angel showing St. John the Heavenly Jerusalem, The

Angel standing in the sun and birds invited to the repast, An

Angel with the eternal gospel, An

Angels holding the four winds and an angel signifying Christ

Arrival of St. John on Patmos, The

Battle between the angel and the dragon, The

Battle between the horsemen and the beast, The

Beast enthroned, The

Beast from the earth and the adoration of the beast from the sea, The

Beast from the earth killing people, and people receiving the mark of the beast, The

Beast from the sea, The

Black horse, The

Blessing Christ, The

Censing angel


Christ in glory

Christ in glory

Christ in glory


Coronation of the Virgin

Crucifixion, the women at the tomb, the descent into hell

Daniel and Thaddaeus

Daniel praying

Defeat of the beast, The

Devil from the earth, The

Dragon fighting the just, The

Dragon giving the sceptre of power to the beast from the sea, The

Dragon hurls water after the woman clothed in the sun, The

Dragon pursues the woman clothed in the sun, who receives the wings of an eagle, The

Drunken harlot, The

Eagle giving the vessels with the seven last plagues to the seven angels, The

Ezekiel and Matthias

Fall of Babylon, The

Fall of man, The

Fifth trumpet, The: The angel of destruction and the locusts

Fifth vessel, The: The slandering of God

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