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CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von

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Saul tries to kill David

Send forth your light and your truth

Sermon on the Mount, The

Shepherds share the good news, The

Shimei curses David

Silence in Heaven, The

Simeon in the temple

Solomon builds the temple

Solomon commits idolatry

Solomon's wisdom

Sons of God and the daughters of men, The

Stoning of Stephen, The

Tower of Babel

Transfiguration, The

Trial of Susanna

Twelve sent out, The

Vision of Christ and the candlesticks, The

Visit of the Magi, The

Wedding at Cana, The

Woman caught in adultery, The

Woman fetches the boy that Elisha has raised, The

Women at the tomb, The

Writing on the wall, The

Zadok anoints Solomon

Zechariah and Gabriel

Zechariah names John

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