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CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von

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Moses gathers those who are for the Lord

Moses receives the Ten Commandments

Moses views the Promised Land

Nathan rebukes David

Nebuzaradan carries into exile the remaining people in the city

New Jerusalem descending from Heaven, The

Noah builds the ark

Noah curses Canaan, son of Ham

Noah's thanksgiving sacrifice

Noli me tangere

Paul and Barnabas idolized

Paul arriving at Rome

Paul in Athens

Paul's farewell to the Ephesian elders

People of Judah say that their strength is giving out, The

Peter heals crippled beggar

Peter throws himself into the sea

Peter's denial

Peter's vision

Pharaoh lets the Israelites go

Pharaoh's daughter finds Moses

Pharisee and the tax collector, The

Philip and the Ethiopian

Praise the Lord, O my soul

Priests and the Levites praise the Lord on the foundation of the new temple, The

Prodigal son, The

Queen of Sheba and Solomon

Rebekah goes to Isaac

Resurrection, The

Return of the Israelite spies, The

Rich man and Lazarus, The

Ruth and Naomi leave Moab

Ruth in Boaz's field

Ruth meets Boaz

Samaritan woman, The

Samson is seized

Samson kills the lion

Samson kills the Philistines

Samuel anoints Saul

Saul tears Samuel's robe

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