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CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von

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Cyrus releases the Jews

Daniel in the lion's den, and Habbacuc

David and Abigail

David and Goliath

David anointed to be King over Judah

David asking forgiveness

David chosen to replace Saul

David covets Bathsheba

David refuses water

David sees the angel striking down the people

David spares Saul's life

David's punishment

Death of Abimelech

Death of Absalom

Death of Eli

Death of Moses

Death of Samson, The

Death of Saul

Descent of the Spirit at Pentecost, The

Division of Canaan

Eleazar commissioning Joshua

Elijah fed by ravens

Elijah kills the prophets of Baal

Elijah raises the widow's son

Elijah taken into Heaven

Emmaus wanderers invite Jesus to stay with them, The

Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, The

Esau embraces Jacob

Escape from Rahab's house

Esther made Queen

Ezra reads the Torah

Feeding the five thousand

First Passover, The

Flight to Egypt, The

Flood, The

For to us a child is born

Forbidden fruit, The

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, The

Friendship of David and Jonathan, The

Gathering manna

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