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CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von

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Aaron and Hur holding the arms of Moses

Aaron's staff turns into a snake

Abel's sacrfifice preferred

Abraham sacrifices Isaac

Abraham sends Ishmael away

Abraham's servant meets Rebekah

Adam and Eve expelled from Eden

Adam and Eve hide

Ahab wounded in battle

Angel appears to the shepherds, The

Angel of the Lord slays the Assyrian army, The

Angel tells Joseph to flee to Egypt, An

Angels announce to Abraham that Sarah shall conceive

Annunciation to Mary

Ascension, The

Balaam's donkey

Baptism of Jesus

Battle of Jericho, The

Benjamites taking wives

Betrayal of Jesus, The

Birth of Jesus, The

Blind men following Jesus, The

Boy Jesus in the temple, The

Brazen serpent, The

Budding of Aaron's staff

Cain builds city of Enoch

Cain kills Abel

Call of Abram, The

Commander of the Lord's army, The

Conversion of Saul

Creation, day five

Creation, day four

Creation, day one

Creation, day seven

Creation, day six

Creation, day three

Creation, day two

Crossing the Jordan

Crossing the Red Sea


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