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VOS, Marten de

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Adoration of the Magi, The


Apostles distributing the assets of the rich, The

Burying the dead

Christ asleep in the boat during the storm

Christ before Pilate

Christ delivering the souls of the righteous from Limbo

Christ's entry into Jerusalem

Coronation of the Virgin

Death of the Virgin, The

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene, The

Family of St. Anne, The

God appearing to Jonah as he sits under a fig tree

God ordering Jonah to go to Nineveh

God the Father in glory, Adam and Eve, the annunciation, and the last judgement

Hear, O Israel!

Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives

Kinship of the Virgin, The

Last supper, The

Marriage at Cana, The

Miracle of the multiplication of the loaves, The

Miracle of the multiplication of the loaves, The



Rebekah and Eliezer at the well

Simon Peter finds the piece of tribute money in the mouth of the fish *

St. Augustine reading a passage pointed out to him by an angel

St. John and the Virgin at the foot of the cross

St. John pointing out Messiah

St. Luke painting the Virgin Mary

St. Magdalene penitent

St. Mark the Evangelist

St. Paul bit by a viper on the Island of Malta

Theological virtues, The

Three archangels personified by three winged women

Wedding at Cana, The

Widow's mite, The *

Zechariah before Herod

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