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SOLIMENA, Francesco

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Adoration of the shepherds, an angel holding a scroll, The


Assumption of St. Clare, The

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Bathsheba at her bath

Birth of the Virgin, The

Deborah and Barak

Descent from the cross, The

Dream of St. Joseph, The

Gathering of manna, The

Imposition of the name of St. John the Baptist

Rebekah and Eliezer

Rebekah and Eliezer

St. Bonaventura receiving the banner of St. Sepulchre from the Madonna

St. Philip Neri before the Virgin

St. Therese receiving the veil

Trinity, the Madonna and St. Dominic, The

Various studies including the Virgin and the ascension of Elijah

Virgin and Child appearing at a death bed

Virgin and Child appearing to the St.s

Virgin appearing to numerous people, The

Virgin appearing to numerous St.s, The