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PRETI, Mattia

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Angel blowing a trumpet, An

Christ in glory

Ecce homo

Ecce homo

Feast of Absalom, The

God the Father surrounded by angels

Marriage at Cana, The

Martyrdom of St. Andrew

Martyrdom of St. Paul, The

Martyrdom of St. Peter, The

Musical angels

Penitent Magdalene, The

Pilate washing his hands

Queen of Sheba before Solomon, The

Raising of Lazarus, The

Salome with the head of St. John the Baptist

St. John reproaching Herod

St. John the Baptist before Herod

Tribute money

Tribute money, The


Virgin and Child with kneeling St.s, The

Young St. John the Baptist, The

Zechariah on his knees, and copy of his head