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PIERO della Francesca

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Adoration of the holy wood

Agony in the garden, The

Angel of the annunciation, The


Annunciation, The

Baptism of Christ


Crucifixion, The

Death of Adam

Entombment, The

Flagellation, The

Flagellation, The

Head of an angel

Head of an angel *

Head of an angel

Madonna and Child with St.s

Madonna and Child with St.s Anthony, John the Baptist, Francis, and Elisabeth

Madonna del parto

Madonna della misericordia

Madonna of Senigallia

Madonna of the annunciation

Meeting of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, The

Nativity, The

Noli me tangere



St. John the Evangelist

St. Mary Magdalene

St. Michael

Stigmatization of St. Francis, The

Women at the tomb, The

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