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Angel flying

Angel, standing, the head leaning to the right

Apparition of the Virgin, the Infant Jesus and two angels to St. Benedict

Assumption of the Virgin

Baptism of Christ, The

Bust of a writing evangelist




Cherubs on the clouds

Christ between the soldiers

Christ with the reed

Christ with the reed

Demon being crushed

Ecce homo

Evangelist St. Matthew and the angel, The

Evangelist, sitting, writing

Flying figure, figure holding a scepter, angel, angel holding a crown

Head of an angel

Head of the Virgin

Heavenly glory, The

Jesus and the Samaritan woman

Jesus on the way to Calvary

Jonah and Jeremiah sitting with their eyes lifted to Heaven

King David

Magdalene, sitting, repentant

Massacre of the innocents, The

Mystic marriage of St. Catherine, The

Nativity of Christ

Resurrection of Christ, The

Sketch of a man, bust, appearing to bear a cross; draperies

St. Cecilia, sitting, surrounded by angels

St. John the Baptist

St. John writing

St. Luke, sitting on the clouds, making the portrait of the Virgin

St. Mark the Evangelist

St. Matthew writing

St. Matthew, sitting on the clouds, writing

Studies for an angel, standing, with its head tilted to the right

Studies for an angel, standing, with its head tilted to the right

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