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UNKNOWN; Italian Master

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Adam and Eve *

Adam and Eve

Adoration of the Christ-Child by the Magi, The

Adoration of the kings, The

Adoration of the Magi, The

Altarpiece from Lucca, An

Angel of the annunciation, The

Angel of the annunciation, The

Angel with symphonia

Angel with tambourine

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The





Archangel Gabriel, The

Baptism of Christ

Baptism of Christ by St. John the Baptist, an angel holds Christ's robe, The

Baptism of Christ, The

Battle of Abraham for liberating Lot, The

Battle of Michael with the dragon, The

Beheading of John the Baptist, The

Birth of Mary

Cherub in a landscape

Christ appears on the Mount of Olives to two apostles

Christ appears to Mary Magdalene

Christ before Pilate

Christ carrying the cross

Christ enthroned between the symbols of the four evangelists and adored by St.s and lay-people

Christ heals a sick man (?)

Christ washing the disciples' feet


Covenant of peace, The

Crucifix with stories of the passion


Crucifixion, The


David and Goliath

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