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LA HIRE, Laurent de

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Abraham sacrificing Isaac

Adoration of the shepherds, The

Adoration of the shepherds, The

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The

Apostles instructing the believers to choose seven deacons, The

Assumption of the Virgin

Barnabas the Levite reporting to the apostles the price of the land he has sold

Body of St. Stephen is transferred to the Church of Zion, The

Burial of St. Stephen, The

Children of Bethel mourned by their mothers, The

Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene

Christ appearing to St. Mary Magdalene (Noli me tangere)

Christ appearing to the pilgrims of Emmaus

Christ appearing to the three Marys, who are kneeling

Christ in the Garden of Olives

Christ on the cross, with the Virgin, St. Magdalene, and St. John

Community of the first Christians, The

Conversion of St. Paul, The

Descent from the cross, The

Eliezer and Rebekah

Eliezer and Rebekah at the well

Elijah fed by the angel

Finding of the body of St. Stephen

Holy Family with the palm branch, The

Jesus appearing to the three Marys

Laban searching Jacob's bagagge for the stolen idols

Landscape with Peace and Justice embracing

Landscape with the stigmatization of St. Francis

Laying hands on the seven deacons

Laying hands on the seven deacons

Liberation of St. Peter, The

Meeting of Abram and Melchizedek



Preaching of St. Stephen, The

Presentation in the temple, The

Presentation of the Virgin in the temple, The

Rage of the Sanhedrin, The

Rest of the Holy Family

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