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Abraham and Isaac

Adam and Eve *

Annunciation, The

Anointing of David, The

At Gethsemane

At the cross *

Bartimaues *

Brazen serpent, The *

Burning bush, The

By the rivers of Babylon *

Cain and Abel *

Call of Andrew and Peter, The *

Carry this gospel to all the world *

Christ at the Pool of Bethesda

Come unto me *

Daniel in the lions' den *


Elijah and Ahab *


Esther *

Fate of the Canaanite kings, The

Finding of Moses, The

Finding of the book, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Good Samaritan, The

Hagar and Ishmael

He vanished from their sight

Healing of the leper, The

Jacob and Esau

Jacpb's vow *

Jeroboam's Wife

Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary *

Jesus heals the epileptic boy *

Jesus raised from the dead *

Jezebel *

John the Baptist

Joseph known to his brethren

Last supper, The *

Lazarus, come forth! *

Little child set in their midst, The *

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