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Adam and Eve *

Cain and Abel *

Noah building his altar *

Hagar and Ishmael

Abraham and Isaac


Jacpb's vow *

Rachel *

Jacob and Esau

Selling of Joseph, The

Joseph known to his brethren

Finding of Moses, The

Burning bush, The

Smiting of the rock, The

Smiting of the rock, The

Brazen serpent, The *

Moses on Pisgah

Fate of the Canaanite kings, The


Ruth and Naomi


Samuel and Eli

Anointing of David, The

Jeroboam's Wife

Widow of Zarephath, The

Elijah and Ahab *

Shunammite Woman, The

Jezebel *

Finding of the book, The

Nehemiah's midnight survey

Esther *

By the rivers of Babylon *

Daniel in the lions' den *

Burning bush, The

John the Baptist

Annunciation, The


Shepherds of Bethlehem, The

Wise men visit, The *

Flight into Egypt, The

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