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FLORES, Robert H.

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Bloody bird

Deborah the prophetess

Elisha and the Shunammite woman

Esther and Mordecai

Ezra and Israel returning from captivity

Four angels of the river Euphrates, The

Huldah the prophetess foretells Israel's captivity

Jacob and Laban

Jephthah's daughter

Jesus cartoon

Jesus's Crucifixion

King's hand, The

Light of men

Mary and the angel

Message for Pilate, A

Nehemiah's night journey


Potiphar's wife and Joseph

Queen Esther condemns Haman

Rahab and the two spies

Rahab saved from Jericho's destruction

Ruth and Boaz


Samson and the jawbone

Samson's parents and the angel of YHWH

Shepherds and the star, The

Soldier in Gideon's army, A

Talents, The

Ten virgins, The

Whale, The