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Coter, Colijn de, Circle of

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Body discovered and transported

Body of St. Lawrence is miraculously placed beside the one of St. Stephen, and the angels sing "Felix Roma!", The

Body of the martyr exposed to the beasts, The

Carpets of Honour: The death of Honour

Designation and ordination of the first deacons of the church, among whom is Stephen

Dispute with the Jewish doctors, and St. Stephen brought before the council

Gamaliel buries the St.; three centuries later, Gamaliel appears to the priest Lucien; Lucien warns the bishop of Jerusalem

Legend of St. Stephen, scenes 19, 20, 21, and 22

Miracle of the rebellious mules that indicate where the body of St. Stephen must be buried

Noble woman of Constantinople brings back the body of her husband, dead in Jerusalem, and takes by error the one of St. Stephen, A

Scandal of the Jewish doctors

Search ordered by the bishop of Jerusalem, A

St. Stephen brought to execution, and the martyrdom of St. Stephen