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HEEMSKERCK, Maerten Jacobsz van

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Adam and Eve

Annunciation, The

Apostles freed by Heaven


Crucifixion, The

Crucifixion, The

David cuts off the head of Goliath

David defeating Goliath

David presented to Saul

Donor and St. Mary Magdalene, The

Ecce homo

Ecce homo


Flagellation, The

Gideon and the miracle of the fleece



Jesse sending David to Saul

Job's lamentation

Lamentation of Christ

Man of Sorrows

Mary Magdalene with donor

Mocking, The

Peter with donor

Peter's first preaching

Rest on the flight into Egypt, The

Resurrection, The

Samuel anointing David

Saul threatens David with his spear

St. Christopher and donors

St. Luke painting the Virgin

St. Luke painting the Virgin and Child

Three St.s in a setting of ruins, in the center St. Roch and to the right St. Paul(?)

Triumph of Job, The

Triumphant return of David, conquerer of Goliath, The

Virgin and St. John the Evangelist, The

Way to Calvary, The