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Moses holding the Tables of the Law

Moses showing the Tables of the Law

Nude man leaning against a tomb


Presentation of Jesus in the temple, The

Raising of Lazarus

Raising of Tabitha, The

Rest on the flight into Egypt, The

Return of the prodigal son

Salome receiving the head of John the Baptist

Samson captured by the Philistines

Saul attacking David

Sitting woman surrounded by three children: Charity

St. Augustine washing the feet of the Redeemer

St. Augustine, St. John the Baptist, and St. Paul the Hermit r

St. Dominic kneeling before the Virgin and Child

St. Francis with an angel playing violin

St. Jerome tormented by the Devil

St. John the Baptist and his well

St. Joseph with the Child lying in front of him on a drapery

St. Luke displaying a painting of the Virgin

St. Magdalene

St. Paul

St. Peter crying before the Virgin

St. Peter freed by an angel

St. Peter revives Tabitha

St. Sebastian succoured by two angels

St. William of Aquitaine receiving the cowl

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child with the infant St. John the Baptist

Virgin and Child with the little St. John, The

Virgin and Child with the patron St.s of Modena, The

Virgin and Child, David, St. Francis of Assisi, a bishop, and a child

Virgin breastfeeding the Child in front of Joseph, The

Virgin crying over Jesus, The

Virgin holding the Child in her arms, The

Virgin sitting in profile, holding the Child

Virgin watching St. Joseph who is stretching his arms to the Child, The

Vision of St. Jerome, The

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