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Adoration of the shepherds, The

Appearance of St. Peter to St. Agathe in the prison

Appearance of the Virgin and the Child Jesus to St. Eligius and St. Petrone

Christ and the adulterous woman

Christ succumbing to the weight of the cross

Entombment, The

God in his glory putting his hand on a globe carried by an angel

Holy Family

Holy Virgin holding the Child Jesus and an open book, The

Jesus succumbing to the weight of the cross

Lamentation over the dead Christ at the foot of the cross

Lot between his two daughters

Madonna and Child, The

Madonna and Child, The

Pilate washing his hands

Samson captured by the Philistines

St. Anthony of Padua putting back the cut off foot of a child

St. Margaret and St. Jerome adoring the Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child

Virgin confiding the Child to St. Francis, in the presence of other St.s, The

Virgin in glory appearing to St Sebastian, St. Rock, and a monk, The