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CASOLANI, Alessandro

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Adoration of the shepherds

Christ before Pilate

Christ placed on the cross to be crucified

Christ praying in the Grden of Olives

Christ receiving a soul from the purgatory, in a glory of angels

Collecting manna

Four studies for the Christ Child holding the instruments of the passion

Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist, and other St.s, The

Madonna and Child with the infant St. John the Baptist, The

Miraculous scene: Conversion of the soldiers seeing the blood flowing from the crucifix

St. Catherine of Siena kneeling, choosing the crown of thorns

St. kneeling, assisted by an angel: St. Dorothy (?)

Studies of figures, among which are St. Michael

Study for a flying angel, and other studies

Three studies for a Fainting of the Virgin

Virgin taking back the Child from St. Francis, with St. Anthony on the left, The