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GIUSTO de' Menabuoi

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Abraham and the angels

Abraham pleads for Sodom

Adoration of the Magi

Agony in the garden, The

Angel kills the beast with a millstone, An

Angel of light, The

Angel of the annunciation, The

Angel with seven jars containing the wrath of God

Angel with the book, The



Annunciation, The


Baptism of Christ, The

Baptism of Christ, The

Baptist in prison, The

Baptist preaching, The

Beast from the sea, The

Beheading of John, The

Beheading of the Baptist, The

Birth of John, The

Birth of the Baptist, The

Birth of the Virgin, The

Black horse, The

Building of the ark, The

Cain and God

Cain kills Abel

Calling of Andrew and Simon Peter, The

Calling of Matthew, The

Celestial Jerusalem, The

Christ among the doctors

Christ holding a scythe

Christ on a white horse

Circumcision of John, The

Coronation of the Virgin, The

Creation of Adam and Eve

Creation of the world

Crucifixion, The

Crucifixion, The

Death of Zechariah, The

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