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Annunciation, The

Assumption of the Virgin, The

Birth of the Virgin

Birth of the Virgin

Carrying of the cross, The

David holding the head of Goliath

Holy Family with the infant St. John the Baptist, The

Holy Family, The

Holy Family, The

Holy Family, The

Jesus Christ put on the cross

Jonah and the whale

Madonna and Child

Monteluce Madonna

Nativity of the Child Jesus with the adoration of the shepherds, between St. John the Evangelist and St. Longin, The

Presentation of the Virgin in the temple, The

Resurrection of Christ, The

Sacrifice of Isaac, The

Salome carrying the head of John the Baptist

St. Magdalene, penitent, lying on the ground with dishevelled hair, reading

St. Margaret with an angel, trampling the Devil under her foot

St. Mary Magdalene borne by angels

St. Michael

St. Paul and St. Magdalene adoring the Virgin and Child with St. John

St. Paul, standing, holding a long sword under his arm

St. Veronica standing, turned to the right

Three angels carrying the crown of the Virgin

Virgin and Child enthroned between St. Sebastian and St. Roch

Virgin and Child with the little St. John

Virgin and Child with the little St. John the Baptist

Virgin and the Child with four St.s, The

Virgin with the Child

Virgin with the Child and the little St. John, The

Virgin, in bust, holding the Child, The