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Son of the widow in Nain

Song of Deborah, The

Song of Songs, The

Spies return from Canaan, The

Stoning of Stephen, The

Tabernacle, The

Tamar with Judah's belongings

Temple of Solomon, The

Temptation, The

Tower of Bable, The

Transfiguration, The

Two witnesses, The

Visitation, The

Washing of the feet, The

Water from the rock

Water of Marah, The

Wedding at Cana, The

Whore of Babylon, The

Widow's mite, The

Widow's oil, The

Woman and the dragon, The

Woman from Samaria, The

You came to visit me

You clothed me

You gave me something to drink

You gave me something to eat

You invited me in

You looked after me


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