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Last supper, The

Lazarus outside the rich man's gate

Lot and his daughters


Maiming of Adoni-Bezek, The

Man toiling with the earth

Man with the sword, The


Martha and Mary

Martyrdom of James, The

Massacre of the innocents, The


Memorial stones, The

Miracle of Aaron's staff, The

Miriam's celebration

Misfortunes of Job, The

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

Moses asks to see God's face, the covenant is renewed

Moses at the burning bush, and the meeting of Moses and Aaron

Moses breaking the Tablets of the Law

Moses collects the silver and gold of the Hebrews, The

Moses helps the daughters of Jethro

Moses killing the Egyptian

Moses on Sinai

Moses put on the Nile and found by Pharaoh's daughter

Moses views the promised land

Nathan and David, and David defeating the Philistines

Nebuchadnezzar's first dream

New Jerusalem, The


Noah and the ark

Official at Capernaum, The

One like a Son of Man

Parable of the fig tree, The

Parable of the sower, The

Parable of the talents, The

Parable of the tenants, The

Parable of the workers in the vineyard, The


Paul before Agrippa

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