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Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob wrestling with the angel

Jacob's dream

Jacob's sons ask for Benjamin to come with them to Egypt

Jacob's sons return to Egypt with their brother Benjamin

Jael killing Sisera

Jephthah meets his daughter

Jesus among the doctors

Jesus and the children

Jesus calms the storm

Jesus clears the temple

Jesus healing the possessed

Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law

Jesus is arrested

Jesus is mocked

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Jesus nearly stoned

Jesus speaking to the disciples, and Peter and John sent to prepare the Easter meal

Jesus walking on the sea

Jethro's visit


Jonah and the big fish

Jonah outside Nineveh

Jonathan defeats the Philistines

Joseph and Potiphar's wihe. Joseph put to prison.

Joseph collects grain from all Egypt

Joseph has the sacks of his brothers filled, putting his cup in Benjamin's sack

Joseph interpreting the dreams of Pharaoh

Joseph is sold

Joseph is sold to Potiphar

Joseph offering a banquet for his brothers

Joseph out in the pit

Joseph telling his dreams

Joseph's coat shown to Jacob

Joseph's cup found in Benjamin's sack

Judah and Tamar

King Ahasuerus has the records of history read to him

Last harvest, The

Last judgment, The

Last plague and the Passover, The

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