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Emmaus wanderers, The

Entombment, The

Entry into Jerusalem, The

Ephraimite finds his concubine dead, The

Esau selling his birthright to Jacob

Exorcism at Philippi, The

Expulsion from Eden, The

Ezekiel sees the glory of God

Fall of man, The

Feeding of the five thousand, The

Fiery furnace, The

Fifth and sixth angels sound their trumpets, The

Fight with the Amalekites, The

First four angels sound their trumpets, The

Flagellation, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, The

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Gibeonite treaty and the victory over the five kings, The

Gideon choosing his soldiers

Gideon defeats the Midianites

God giving sight to the blind

God heals the leper

God heals the man with the withered hand

God instucts Moses to stretch his hand towards the heavens, The

God on his throne

God's instructions to Joshua

Good Samaritan, The

Good shepherd, The

Great banquet, The

Hagar and the angel

Hannah and Eli, the call of Samuel

Healing of the paralytic

Hosea weds a harlot

Isaac blesses Jacob

Israelites crossing Jordan, The

Jacob blesses his sons and Joseph's sons

Jacob is received by Joseph and presented to Pharaoh

Jacob meets Esau

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