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Angel crowning a nun adoring Christ, An

Angel going to its right, holding a book

Angel holding a censer, accompanied by other angels

Angel holding a shepherd by the hand

Apotheosis of St. Paul

Apotheosis of two St.s, surrounded by angels

Appearance of the Virgin and the Child Jesus to a holy bishop

Archangel interceding for a holy abbot

Archangel interceding for a holy abbot

Bust of an angel lifting its right hand


Christ among the doctors

Christ carrying the cross appearing to a St.

Christ on the clouds, carried by the angels

Christ sitting on the clouds

Christ succumbing under the weight of the cross, and Holy Veronica

Christ supported by an angel before the Virgin

Communion of St. Rosalie of Palermo

Conversion of St. Paul

Deliverance of the souls from purgatory

Five studies of angels

Fragment of the head of an angel

God in an oval frame, and two other figures

Half-figure of an angel holding a crosier, and sketch of the entire figure

Holy Family with St. John

Holy Family with the Virgin reading, a St. sitting, and a figure reading

Holy Family with Zechariah, St. Elizabeth and the little St. John

Monk adoring the Virgin

Moses and the carriers of grapes

Moses saved from the water

Multiplication of the loaves, The

Preasching of St. John the Baptist, several heads, and a foot

Resurrection of Christ

Several St.s in adoration before the Virgin sitting with the Child

St. adoring the Child, which is standing

St. Elizabeth and St. John at the feet of the Virgin sitting with the Child

St. Francis comforted by the music of a musical angel

St. Jerome, kneeling, contemplating a crucifix

St. Joseph presenting a cross to the Child supported by the Virgin

St. Peter and St. John healing the sick at the gate of the temple

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