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Brazen serpent, The

Christ and the Samaritan

Creation of Adam, The

Damned, A

Damned, A

Dead Christ on the knees of his sitting mother, The

Eleazar and his company

Eleazar and his company

Figures from The brazen serpent

Future king Asa consoling his father behind his sleeping mother, The

Future king Zerubbabel, his mother, and his father Shealtiel, The

Jehoram and his mother

Last judgment, The

Little Josiah with his mother and his father, Amon

Man sitting, writing on his knee


Miscellaneous figures in hell

Miscellaneous figures of damned

Prophet Daniel, The

Prophet Ezekiel, The

Prophet Ezekiel, The

Prophet Isaiah, The

Prophet Jeremiah, The

Prophet Joel, The

Prophet Joel, The

Prophet Jonah, The

Shealtiel and his mother

Sketch for a man from behind

Sketch of four figures, among whom is Uzziah

Sleeping of the Child Jesus, The

St. Bartolomew holding a knife and his skin

Three blessed

Three damned

Two cupids stirring Miserliness

Woman, an old man and a child in a lunette