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Rubens, Peter Paul, After

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Abraham and Melchizedek

Angel smiting the camp of the Assyrians, The *

Angel urges Lot to take his wife and daughters out of Sodom, The *

Christ Child and the infant St. John, The

Christ on the cross *

Christ on the cross

Descent from the cross

Descent from the cross, The

Descent from the cross, The

Escape of Lot, The

Feast of Herod, The

Holy Family *

Jesus and St. John the Baptist in their childhood

Jesus encounters Simon Peter

Madonna Enthroned with Child and St.s *

Samson and Delilah

Solomon's wisdom

Spiritual canticles, songs of St. Anne

St. Anne

St. Mary Magdalene *

Stoning of St. Stephen, The

Tribute money, The *

Tribute money, The

Way of the cross, The

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