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LA FAGE, Raymond

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Adoration of the shepherds, The

Allegory of Christianity

Brazen serpent, The

Brazen serpent, The

Circumcision, The

Entombment, The

Eternal Father supported by the angels, The

Fall of the angels

Fall of the angels

Fall of the rebel angels

Fall of the rebel angels

Fall of the rebel angels, The

Flight into Egypt, The

God carried by angels and surrounded by archangels

Golden calf, The

Holy Family with Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist, The

Jesus healing a blind man

Jesus on the cross mourned by the holy women

Judgment of Solomon, The

Part of a composition representing the fall of the angels

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's

Resurrection of Lazarus, The

Stoning of St. Stephen, The

Study of a draped, standing angel