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Abraham chasing away Hagar. She is standing next to her crying son.

Adoration of the shepherds, The

Christ speaking to the apostles on the mount

Circumcision, The

Coronation of the Virgin by Christ, before three St.s

David cutting off Goliath's head, surrounded by an ornament of leaves

Descent of the Holy Spirit, The

Faith, Fame, and two virtues, with the portrait of Ranuccio II Farnese

God the Father appearing to Adam

Jesus carried by the angels

Laban searching for the idols taken by Rachel

Madeleine receiving communion from the hands of St. Maximin

Magdalene, sitting beneath a tree, reaches out to Christ

Samson opens the lion's mouth

Santa Casa of Nazareth transported by angels to Loreto, The

Seated figures, eyes raised. Lower part of an Ascension?

Tobias and the angel on the Tigris

Transfiguration, The

Transfiguration, The

Virgin and Child with St. Catherine and two other figures

Vision of St. Catherine of Siena

Widow of Zarephath, The