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Guercino, School of

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Angel presenting a model of the city of Bologne to St. Petrone, An

Bishop in profile, and two cherubs, A

Bust of an old man with his eyes looking upwards

Christ and an apostle, and sketch of a third figure

Christ carrying the cross

Denial of St. Peter, The

Guardian angel protects a child from a demon, The

Half figure of an old man, and two heads of angels

Magdalene at the tomb, holding a jar of perfume in her arms

Pilate and a soldier presenting Christ to the people

Pilate watches a soldier putting a crown of thorns on Christ's head

St. Francis on his knees in front of a crucifix

St. John the Baptist, sitting in a profile, holding a cup

St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus in his arms

St. Mark sitting writing at a table, with a lion at his feet

St. Veronica approaches Christ who carries the cross

Two angels on a cloud, carrying an apple

Virgin kissing Christ at the descent from the cross, The